Winter Homes: Mice

The media has generally been kind to mice. They’re furry, they’re cute, they have friends named Donald and Goofy. However, make no mistake – rodents ruin your property, they also carry diseases that can harm you and your family.

House mice are one of the most troublesome pests, they’re cunning and sneaky and can find a million ways to infiltrate your home. At Poulin’s Pest Control we take no issue with mice out there in the wild, but we don’t like it when they come into our client’s homes. As the seasons change, its time to start taking a few steps to prevent mice from creating their winter home in yours.

Remove anything edible from garden sheds and garages. If you leave grass seed in your garden shed, they will find it. They’ll also seek out dog food or bird seeds and they’ll relocate the food into their nests, this can create insect problems later on.

Block mice out. The most successful way to prevent mice is eliminating any openings that they may enter through. The first step to mouse proofing your home is to locate and seal any openings the size of a dime or larger. Using wool and caulk, or Poulin’s Excluder, patch every opening outside the house, attic, and garage. Be sure to use metal patching for the hole. Wood, plastic, and other materials will be chewed through which will only slow the mice down before they enter your home. Keep the surface smooth after patching to prevent mice from grabbing a corner and pulling the patch off.

Eliminate any mice that do get in – promptly. They reproduce at an alarming rate. The use of rodent traps and baits are effective options to eliminate a rodent problem.

Mice can be difficult to eradicate and often require a professional to eliminate a rodent problem. Poulin’s Pest Control has what it takes to help you get rid of your pest problems. Our pest management professionals have the best training in the business and we’re here to solve your pest problems. Check us out online at for the Poulin’s Pest Control location nearest you.

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