Unusual hiding spots for bed bugs and how to find them

Bed bugs are pesky insects that rob you of a good night’s sleep and are difficult to detect and get rid of. Although they commonly reside in and around your bed, they can also hide in other unsuspecting places in your home. Here are some unusual hiding spots for bed bugs and how to detect the signs of an infestation.

Where to check for bed bugs

Bed bugs are notorious for their ability to hide in the most unassuming spots, making them difficult to spot and eradicate. These tiny pests naturally crawl under and behind things you might not expect. Therefore, knowing where to look for them is essential to keep your home bed bug-free.

  • Electrical outlets. Bed bugs can hide behind electrical outlets, especially in and around loose faceplates.
  • Artwork and picture frames. Bed bugs can climb up your wall if they can’t find a good enough place to hide on the ground. Often, their closest hiding place is behind artwork and picture frames.
  • Books. Bed bugs love to hide inside books, especially if you’ve had them close to your bed or coaches.
  • Stuffed animals. These pests enjoy soft fabrics just as much as kids, and they could be hiding in your child’s favourite plushies.
  • Purses, bags and luggage. Bed bugs like to hide in the seams and pockets of purses, backpacks and luggage. Placing these items on the ground or near furniture gives bed bugs the perfect opportunity to hop in.
  • Laundry baskets. Bed bugs love hiding in clothes that sit unused in your closet or at the bottom of your hamper.

Bed bugs can also sneak into light bulbs and alarm clocks.

Signs of an infestation

Beyond noticing red marks or welts on your body from bed bug bites, you may see tiny rusty-brown bed bug feces stains on your soft furnishings. You may also find dead or shed bed bug exoskeletons. If you notice any of these signs, start inspections and monitor for bed bugs.

Professional bed bug treatments

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