Cleaning Up Deer Mouse Droppings

Did you know that under perfect conditions, 24 mice can grow to over 2,000 mice in as little as 8 months or that a pair of mice can produce 18,000 fecal droppings or that over the past 100 years over 10 million human deaths have been due to rodent diseases that they can carry? Mice can be found in your crawl space or in the basement, kitchen, storage shed or other location that has given them food and shelter. Mice can build up their population in your home and the urine and fecal matter, also known as droppings, can be seen in locations like your pantry or under your sink as they look for your food to eat. Approximately 20% of the world’s food supply is annually spoiled by rodents and 4% of stored rice and grains. They are a very serious problem and should be controlled as soon as possible.

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