DIY: How to Remove Ant Hills

The joys of summer. People in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Brandon or Winnipeg all enjoy the heat and relaxing on a deck or patio. Lawn maintenance is an enjoyable past time and having green lawn challenges between neighbours becomes a great competition. The problem for many people is that they become infested with Allegheny mound ant. This ant is the most common ant you will find making a mound (ant hill) in your lawn.

The most effective way to eliminate an ant hill is to use a small rake and disturb the ants, then apply a labelled insecticide over the ant hill and use water to hold the ant dust in place. You will want to use enough water to hold the insecticide dust in place, but not too much that it washes away. Watch our video below to learn how to complete this treatment.

Many people comment that they do everything they can to control the ants on their lawn, however, the surrounding conditions (i.e.: neighbors / forest) are not interested in controlling ants. This is where a lawn spray of the entire grass area will help prevent the ants from foraging into your yard.

Labelled ant bait stations can be placed along the property line to provide the ants a food source. This will help stop ants from wanting to forge further into your lawn as they will have a food source.

If you wish to self-treat your yard, then the professionals at Poulin’s will be available to you for the proper products and guidance, our customers are always treated like an extension of our family and we are here to help in whatever capacity. With offices across Western Canada, we are here to help!

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