Bed Bug Lookalikes

No one wants to get bed bugs and a positive identification is crucial in order to protect yourself and your belongings from bed bugs. Always keep a sample of the insect pest and bring it to us at Poulins to identify and provide a treatment program. But sometimes people bring in samples to our office and a relieved to hear that it’s not a bed bug but another insect pest. Some examples that we get in our office include cockroach nymphs (eg. baby versions of cockroaches); the nymphs look segmented like a bed bug and its colour is similar to the rusty brown of a bed bug but they are not. Another common insect brought in are spider beetles. This small bloated abdomen looking insects resembles fed bed bugs because of their reddish-brown colouring. These pests are not blood feeders but a stored product pest. Book Lice is another insect pest that resemble bed bug nymphs (eg. baby versions of the adults) but they are not. Book Lice are feeders of dead insects, mould, fabric and do not feed on blood. Carpet beetle larvae are golden brown and are sometimes mistaken for bed bugs as well. These insects do not feed on blood either and look like a furry version of a bed bug. Carpet beetles fed on fabrics, carpets and certain types of clothing. Come see the pros at Poulins for all your insect identifications.

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