Women In Pest Control

It is no surprise to learn that pest control is a male dominated field. Women and girls make up just over half of North America’s population, yet they occupy only 6% of the pest control industry. When thinking about women and pests the first picture that comes to mind is likely that of a lady standing on a chair screaming at the sight of a mouse, or a little girl running away from moths or wasps or mosquitoes or basically any other flying insect! This stereotype is not reality. Many young girls are very interested in learning about bugs and animals, their behaviours and habits, what they eat and what eats them. Unfortunately, due to gender roles, stereotypes, and a lack of representation these interests tend to die off more often than it does with boys.

This International Women’s Day, we are going to #PressForProgress at Poulin’s Pest Control! We challenge these stereotypes and bias and encourage all women and non-binary individuals to do the same and pursue a career in pest control. “My favourite thing about being a pest control technician is the way it makes me feel. I love seeing my regulars and having small talk with them. And I especially love watching people smile when I tell them they are clear if their pest problems.” Says Karina, one of our female technicians in Winnipeg.

No previous experience is necessary, as we offer very thorough in class, field training, and testing to ensure that each Pest Management Professional is fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to perform the job properly. After classroom training is complete, new technicians are paired up with an experienced pest management professional for job shadowing and on-site training. We also cover the cost of testing for entry-level technicians to obtain their provincial applicators licensing and certifications.

Our Vancouver technician, Izabela, has been with Poulin’s for over eight years! This was her first job in the pest control industry and she said, “I like this job because it gives me a good balance of working alone and working with people, doing routine stuff and having new challenges, working inside and outside. I also like the fact that I help people solve problems and that there is always something new to learn.”

Do the women at Poulin’s, actually out there doing the job everyday recommend a career in pest control? “Absolutely! Obviously, it is a male dominated field, and we need more female representation. I often get comments about it being very uncommon to see a woman in pest control. People tend to be very surprised when the lady on the phone is, in fact, their technician and not a receptionist. It is a very rewarding career, and I believe not only that we as women are equally capable for the job, but that we also can excel in some areas comparatively.” Says Siobhan, a female technician at our Winnipeg branch. Izabela adds “I would recommend this job to other women because, though sometimes physically demanding and aesthetically questionable, it can be satisfying and financially rewarding. It is a way to break stereotypes and it’s fun to do something unusual.”

A career as a Pest Management Professional will be ideal for any woman out there who loves learning new things and seeks a challenge! As Karina puts it, “Though it might not be glamorous and you occasionally get comments on how you can’t do the job as well as a man. You always get a kick out of proving the naysayers wrong!”

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in the pest control industry can send their resumes to hr@poulins.ca, we are an equal opportunity employer and all races, genders, religious beliefs, and LGBTQ identifying individuals are encouraged to apply. Having a diverse team of technicians only strengthens our knowledge and skill-set and all technicians are given the same opportunities to succeed in their careers.


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