5 Tips For Catching Mice and Rats

Each fall mice and rats are on everyone’s mind as when the weather changes these pests are trying to get into your house, business, cottage, camper, shed, garage or any place they can survive the winter with a food source. Getting on top of mouse/rat proofing your place today will make sure there are no issues over the winter or next spring when the mice start moving out of your place and you see the damage and fecal matter left behind.

Rodents enter a home through holes the size of a dime and run along walls, not over open spaces.

  1. Place mouse traps perpendicular to the wall.
  2. Place traps out unset for a few days so rodents can become familiar with it.
  3. Place traps where rodent activity is seen (sign of chewing, droppings, runway, burrow).
  4. Leave mouse traps undisturbed for at least two days before moving to a new location.
  5. Check mouse traps daily and replace as needed.

Remember to always wear gloves when disposing of rodents! It is important to rodent proof your house to prevent rodents from entering. Call or contact Poulin’s to provide you the rodent control advice, tools and traps to help eliminate rodents from your home. Having a Poulin’s professional come in and setup a plan to exclude, bait or mechanically trap mice and rats is vital in defending your home from these unsanitary pests.

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