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At this time of year, ants are working hard at setting up for winter – but they also have to deal with those thoughts of lust that start to occur.  Ants are social creatures that communicate with each other, it’s … Continue reading

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As summer is upon us the chances of you seeing the presence of ants in your home increases as the temperatures go up. Carpenter ants do not use wood as their food source, they create tunnels for their homes and … Continue reading

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The joys of summer.  People in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Brandon or Winnipeg all enjoy the heat and relaxing on a deck or patio.  Lawn maintenance is an enjoyable past time and having green lawn challenges between neighbours … Continue reading

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Carpenter ants…is there any other type of insect that causes as much destruction as these guys? Not really, as carpenter ants are at the top of the list for the “home destruction over time” category! The state of your home … Continue reading

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In the winter months, most household pests find themselves indoors, just like you are as the cold weather prevents you from enjoying the outdoors. You may be seeing the evidence of insect pests that enjoy eating your grains, cereals, oats, … Continue reading

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