Workplace Woes That Pigeons Can Cause

In many cities like Edmonton, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg, there are an abundance of pigeon flocks that frequent commercial business properties and leave behind an unsightly visible mess and can cause various levels of property damage. The evidence that pigeons leave behind is damaging to property, clean up time and the overall mental health of people.

At Poulin’s, we understand the in-depth effects that pigeons have on people in the workplace and our intricate strategy and execution of “pigeon control” is unsurpassed. In the workplace, employees should be able to open windows for fresh air without having to be perturbed by the sight of pigeon fecal matter on the window sill or be forced to listen to incessant cooing noises or feathery materials. Employees need to be able to remain focused on their work and strive to be productive and we understand this completely.

Surely you already know that pigeons were here long before people, so that means that we invaded their territories via residential buildings and commercial structures. Over time, pigeons have learned to not only utilize the excellent perching and nesting sites and surfaces that our buildings and structures provide to them, but if they can zero in on some scraps of “free food”, then they are “hanging out” in the right spot.

At Poulin’s, we strongly believe that pigeons are just like any other animal that should be dealt with in a safe and humane manner. Our methods for pigeon control is just that…CONTROL…

Our methods of pigeon control (netting, catching, baiting, spiking and alternative deterrence measures via objects) are some ways we can take care of your pigeon issue.

The sooner you contact Poulin’s, the sooner we can have your business pigeon-free.

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