What Is a Pest Management Professional

A Pest Management Professional’s role requires a thorough understanding of the fundamentals relating to the control of insect and animal pests.  Their duties include working hand in hand with the Health Department to ensure that their standards are adhered to because pest control, in reality, also provides a major contribution towards the prevention of spreading of diseases associated with different pests.  A Pest Management Professional must assume a personal obligation when dealing with equipment and materials, which are potentially hazardous to human health.  The ability to offer good quality service is bounded by the horizons of their experience which makes good training ultimately important.

Modern pest management is combined of scientific principles and a large measure of good judgment that is developed as a result of thorough training over an extensive period of time. Not only is technical background essential to correct pest problems but it is the very essence of the customer’s confidence in the Pest Management Professional and the company they represent.

At Poulin’s Pest Management Services it is our firm belief that pest management is a science that requires recognition of the pests to be controlled, an understanding of their habits, the relationship between chemicals and the pest, a knowledge of control measures, and the methods of application…all are foundation stones of successful pest management.  Combine them with the personal awareness of the need for high ethical standards and for good relationship between the Pest Management Professional and the customer, and you have the total foundation upon which the Pest Management business’s practices can be built.

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