Watch for Bed Bugs at Sleepaway Camps

Bed bug infestations are very common. They were nearly eradicated a few decades ago but have come back with a vengeance. Common places for infestations include campgrounds, hotels and homes.

What makes bed bugs so dangerous is that they are excellent travelers. You could pick up bed bugs in Edmonton and they could travel with you through Lethbridge, Saskatoon, and any other place you might go. Bed bugs attach themselves to things not people. They are not like lice or ticks and that make a home on your skin or hair. They are very small but visible to the naked eye. Sure-fire signs of bed bugs are small bites on the neck, arms legs and stomach.

Some people worry about the spread of infectious disease through bed bug bites. Scientists have studied bed bugs all over the world and found that they cannot transmit diseases to humans.

Preventing Bed bugs

Bed bug infestations can be more common in cabins and hotels where a lot of people stay. The best thing to do is complete a thorough inspection of the location where you are staying. Make sure to check beds, furniture and clothes. Also check small cracks, crevices and seams. They are visible to the human eye.

If you find bed bugs it is not necessary to throw away the infested materials. You will want to wrap items up in a plastic bag or cover them in plastic to keep them from spreading. Washing the material is sufficient. If you cannot wash the material it is important to keep it in plastic. To help deter future infestations, never buy used furniture and consider keeping your mattresses covered in plastic.

Poulin’s has both chemical and non-chemical options that will completely eradicate all bed bugs. From pesticides to heat treatments, we have the right tools. We even have a specially trained bed bug dog, named Maggie. So, if you’re ready to get rid of your bed bugs, no matter where you live, Poulin’s is there to take care of your bed bug problem.

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