Product Feature: Mhouse vs Tomcat

Question: There’s a mouse in the house and I prefer not to use traps – what do I do?

Answer: Bait stations! Two domestically available mouse control products popular at Poulin’s are Mhouse Refillable Bait Stations and Tomcat Mouse Killer. They are the same concept: easily placed plastic bait stations containing small cubes of baited poison. The stations themselves are inaccessible to children and household pets which makes them safe, convenient and easy to use. Each plastic station has a small hole in the side wall, granting access only to rodents small enough to fit inside.

As with any poison, make sure to wear gloves while handling either of these products.

Mhouse: The station is refillable but locks with a special key, so although you can open it to refill it, it is otherwise tamper-proof. The active poisonous ingredient in MHouse is Chlorophacinone, an anti-coagulant poison which is compatible and mixed with appealing food baits such as peanuts, wheat, soy and fish. Using these make it attractive to the mice. This poison typically takes several feedings to be effective – hence the need to remove alternate food sources in order to encourage quicker elimination.

Each Mhouse Bait Station pack contains:

  • 1 plastic bait station
  • 1 plastic locking key
  • 12 individual 20g pieces of poison

Tomcat: The poison inside is inaccessible to anyone except the mice themselves. Bromethalin, the active poison ingredient, is considered to be a single-feed poison, and the effects are usually taking place within 24 hours after ingestion. It is a NON-anticoagulant poison, and acts instead as a nerve toxin which effectively kills the mice that feed on it.

Each Tomcat box contains

  • 4 separate disposable, NON-refillable stations pre-packed with one 28g piece of poison

One thing to keep in mind while using bait stations, or any other method of mouse control, is that these need to be the primary food source for mice. Often, mice will have accumulated a food stash. They are hoarders, so if they have easily accessible food sources elsewhere in the house, that will be where they go first before the poison.

It is recommended that you seal up any accessible food such as cereals, breads, fruits on counters, pet foods, and bird feed – even seeds and such kept in a garage would be attractive to them. Use glass, Tupperware or otherwise impenetrable containers that a mouse can’t tear through. Controlling the food sources is crucial to effective mouse control, particularly when you’re wanting them to only have the poison as a food option.

If traps and bait stations aren’t up your alley, give the pros at Poulin’s a call to find out which service options done by licensed pest control professionals might be best for you in your home or business!

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