How dangerous are mice?

Fall is the season when mice have good reason to seek refuge indoors. While they may appear harmless, these tiny rodents can bring about a host of problems and pose potential dangers to health and your home or business. How dangerous are mice?Here are some of the threats that mice present and what you can … Read more

Why spray for pests in the fall?

As the days grow shorter and temperatures start to dip, a wide array of pests view human structures as inviting havens. Here are a few compelling reasons to spray for pests in the fall, plus some ways you can safeguard your buildings from unwanted visitors. Common fall pests Many pests try to migrate into buildings … Read more

Can you spot a cockroach at any age?

Cockroaches have a complex life cycle and understanding how they appear at different stages can help you quickly identify and tackle an infestation. Here’s what cockroaches look like during various life phases and where you should be searching for them. Where to look for cockroaches in your home Cockroaches are generally nocturnal, remaining hidden during … Read more

Hornet or wasp: What’s the difference?

Wasps are a common summer pest in Canada. You can often spot them hovering over garbage cans and hanging out around ice cream and hot dog stands. Although people often think wasps are exclusively yellow and black, they can be black and white, and other colours. Here’s what you need to know. How to tell … Read more

Don’t let fruit flies ruin your summer

Fruit flies are small, but mighty! Under the right conditions, these teeny tiny critters can quickly get out of hand inside your home. Contrary to popular belief, fruit flies don’t spontaneously grow out of rotting materials. They find their way inside by following the odours of fermentation and alcoholic beverages, overripe fruit, or hitching a … Read more

Ants can fly, and that’s not all!

Ants Fly

Although flying ants may be more anxiety-inducing than their wingless counterparts, they don’t represent any greater threat. Here’s what you need to know about these small critters. Why do some ants have wings? The ants you see scurrying around on the ground are wingless females. They do all the work within the colony, but are … Read more

Is it a skunk or raccoon?

Skunks and raccoons are common in rural and urban areas across Western Canada. While they might look cute, both animals can do damage to your home and property. So how do you know if you have a skunk or raccoon problem? Here are some clues. Raccoons The raccoon is a small to medium-sized North American … Read more