Mosquito Fogging vs Mosquito Spraying

The word fogging is an old term in the pest control industry. At one time, mosquito fogging consisted of smoke generating equipment. With new and improved methods, mosquito spraying is now utilized more efficiently with the use of a motorized backpack sprayer. The Poulin’s treatment for mosquitoes utilizes a permethrin active ingredient mixed with water.

Treatment Procedures

Our Pest Management Professional will inspect around your home, yard, and surrounding areas that are in conducive conditions for mosquito development (breeding) and harborage sites. We use a motorized backpack sprayer that creates droplets which are applied under shrubs, brush, trees and treelines, decks, and other grassy areas where mosquitoes will rest during the day. We use a permethrin-based product which kills on contact and provides a residual effect after treatment to reduce mosquito presence.

Homeowner or Tenant Responsibility

The Pest Management Professional treating your property will need access to a garden hose onsite. Homeowners or tenants should ensure that no standing water is present as that creates a breeding site for mosquitoes.

We ask that the homeowners or tenants please move items so that the areas can be accessed for treatment.

  • BBQ’s should be covered during treatment.
  • Patio furniture cushions should be removed.
  • Patio furniture, swing sets, etc., should be hosed off after treatment.
  • People and pets should stay off the grass until it’s dry, which is approximately 2 – 3 hours.

Large Areas for Mosquitoes

We also offer mosquito ULV fogging that is designed for small towns or communities and/or large farm applications. Please feel free to contact one of our seven offices across western Canada for more information on ULV fogging.

If you find your property has a mosquito problem and you need some relief from the blood suckers, contact one of our offices near you for options and pricing information. Our Pest Management Professionals treat yards and patios for mosquitoes almost every day during summer and we can absolutely add your name to the list!

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