Dead Mouse Paste

Toothache? Warts? Try dead mouse paste! The recipe is simple and all natural – all you need to do is mash up a dead mouse with some herbs and voila, the solution to your pain is here.

Sound a little absurd? I should hope so! We can be thankful that we live in the times of modern medicine and advanced technology. A quick internet search should show you that putting a dead mouse in your mouth (mixed with herbs or not) is probably not a good idea. You will be more likely to catch the plague from a dead mouse than gain any pain relief.

In ancient Egypt, they did not have the knowledge or technology to know this information. They had to figure things out by trial and error and rely on word of mouth. When Egyptians had a toothache, they believed that dead mouse paste would help cure their pain. The dead mouse was mixed with herbs and other ingredients into a paste and applied directly to the tooth and gums. We know that there was no way this would cure their pain, in fact is was highly likely to make the pain worse and cause an infection.

This wasn’t the only place experimenting with dead mice. If you had a problem with warts and lived in England, a dead mouse would be cut in half and applied directly to the warts in the hopes of them disappearing. They also believed that mice could help treat measles, smallpox, and even bed wetting!

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