Hantavirus Guide: Precautions For Campers and Hikers

The risk of contamination is specifically associated with contact with rodents, disturbing nesting material, burrows, droppings and surrounding soil.


  • Avoid coming into contact with rodents and rodent burrows.
  • Do not use cabins or other enclosed shelters that are rodent infested until they have been appropriately cleaned and disinfected.
  • Do not pitch tents or place sleeping bags in proximity to rodent feces or burrows or near possible rodent shelters (e.g. garbage dumps or woodpiles).
  • Use cot with sleeping surface at least 12” above the ground.
  • Use tents with floors.
  • Keep food in rodent-proof containers.
  • Promptly bury all garbage and trash or discard in covered trash containers (in accordance with local requirements).
  • Keep woodpiles 100 feet away from cabins and dwellings and if possible, elevate at least 1 foot off the ground and use traps or rodenticides.

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