Fruit Flies: The Red Eyed Pest in Homes

Fruit Flies are most common in the spring and summer months when the conditions for having fermenting or rotting fruit and vegetables occurs. This provides suitable habitat for eggs to be laid on and a new generation of fruit flies emerges to find additional sites for eggs to be laid. Many of us Canadians also enjoy exotic or foreign fruit and vegetables. However with the purchase of these exotic options comes the chance that you could come in contact with and bring home unwanted fruit flies.

The time that it takes for fruit flies to become a nuisance is heavily dependent on temperature and source material. When conditions are right large numbers of fruit flies can infest your home. In many cases pesticide options are required for fruit flies, as they are resilient, live in many locations, reproduce rapidly and almost impossible to just “squash”. You may require pest control services or information to assist you in removing your fruit fly problem.

Whether you are in Calgary, Edmonton, or Lethbridge our friendly staff will provide you with options and information to rid yourself of your fruit fly issue. Let us help you reduce that annoyance by having one of our Pest Management Professionals come into your home provide advice, control options and determine the source of the infestation and we will provide valuable information on how to prevent further infestations.

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