Bird Population Control

Birds delight bird watchers across Canada. Many spend hours photographing and recording bird sightings to share with other enthusiasts. This pastime even encourages a love of gardening to attract birds to area yards.

With so much time and money spent to preserve and develop the bird population, why would anyone want to control the bird population? The simple reason is that rare glimpses of unique birds bring joy and delight. Large or repeated gatherings of nuisance birds like pigeons, starlings, seagulls and house sparrows can bring property damage, pollution, and disease from droppings and nests.

Just as gardeners’ plant different varieties of plants to encourage rare and beautiful birds to visit their garden, individuals can implement certain measures at home or a place of business to control the population of nuisance birds.

For instance, birds need places to roost or nest. Remove those roosting niches in high areas and seal off the entrances and crevices along roofs and roof lines. Also, food and water will attract nuisance birds to a property, never leave this exposed outdoors. Screen available water sources, like air conditioners, to prevent unwanted visitors. Dispose of garbage regularly and keep garbage containers closed to discourage unwanted wildlife. Don’t feed the birds. Feeding nuisance birds like pigeons is a common practice in urban areas and one of the biggest challenges to controlling the bird population.

Individuals can practice these basic tips, but when larger and ongoing problems exist, a pest control company can use more precise methods of bird population control, even using organic control measures. Together, we can enrich bird watching for everyone and reduce the nuisances.

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