Bed Bug Control

Identification & Detection

Bed Bugs are a fast-growing problem. When signs or symptoms of bed bugs appear, it is essential that you call in a Poulin’s professional immediately to inspect the area of concern. It’s important to bring a sample of any suspected bed bugs to our experts at Poulin’s Pest Control. Positive identification is critical to rid your home of these pests. Please do not be ashamed or embarrassed as anyone can get bed bugs, they do not discriminate and are great hitch hikers on almost any item or person.

Our Pest Management Professionals carefully inspect common areas in which bed bugs make their nesting grounds such as box springs, mattresses, head boards and nightstands. In addition, Poulin’s will inspect areas such as baseboards, outlets and additional furniture in the room. After the inspection has been completed, a detailed report will be provided by the Poulin’s Pest Management Professional and if activity is found, further arrangements for treatment can be scheduled immediately.

Canine Scent Detection

The use of scent dogs is an extremely effective way of locating bed bugs in a variety of locations. Bed bugs can hide inside mattresses and box springs, in baseboards, under carpets, even inside electronics; virtually any area, which makes detecting bed bugs a challenge. Poulin’s has a bed bug scent detection canine on our staff named Maggie. Maggie is trained to generate fast and accurate results.

A dog’s nose is a very powerful tool and can detect the presence of bed bugs in every stage of their life cycle from eggs to nymphs to adult. Maggie is trained to alert to the scent of either live bed bugs or viable eggs by stopping and scratching with her paws.  After she completes her inspection of a home, the Pest Management Professional checks the areas that were marked to see if there is bed bug activity.

Heat Treatments

A chemical-free option is available to eliminate bed bugs. Poulin’s bed bug heat treatments use increased temperatures to eradicate bed bugs. Our staff is well trained in this area to eradicate any size bed bug problem you may have.

Heat has the advantage of being able to wipe out an infestation in one treatment. At temperatures of 120oF all stages of bed bugs can be eliminated in less than ten minutes. An effective heat treatment will kill adults, nymphs and eggs at the same time. This is done without the need for replacing mattresses or bedding, worrying about pets or family members getting sick or having adverse reactions.

Advantages of a heat treatment bed bug solution:

  • Highest success rate in eliminating All life stages of bed bugs.
  • Single treatment solution.
  • An environmentally responsible treatment option with a dramatic reduction in pesticide application.
  • Hassle free pre-treatment preparation instructions.
  • Same day return to residence.
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