Reasons To Control Birds

Have you ever experienced the nightly tapping on your roof over and over again, keeping you from sleeping? Complaints like these are commonplace to apartment or rental managers. It may not be the sounds that tenants and customers hear. It could be the smell they find first. Often, the culprit is a bird building a nest or many birds congregating on a building structure.

The sights, sounds and smells from nuisance birds like pigeons, starlings and house sparrows may be more than an inconvenience, especially if you’re receiving complaints from customers and tenants or warnings from health inspectors.

If left unmanaged, birds may pass disease to employees, customers or residents through their unsanitary droppings or as their presence invites other wildlife to the property. Droppings contain bacteria and can also corrode roofs. Birds can further damage buildings and equipment, leading to costly repairs. Woodpeckers mar the outside of a building and destroy its integrity, leading to an entry for water and other parasites. Additionally, birds of any variety can clog gutters and drains with nests and droppings.

A reputable pest control company can work to meet the individual needs of property owners with organic pest control measures to eliminate the problem with bird populations in a safe, clean and legal manner without the use of poison or adhesive. With their assistance in removal, clean-up and prevention, we can all sleep more soundly.

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