Hantavirus: The Driving Force for Rodent Control

Do you have rodents at home? This is a serious problem as rodents are not only frightening but can be harming and dangerous as well. These animals wander from here and there making a mess inside your home premises and spoil your personal stuff. This situation gets aggravated when rodents spoil the food that you have cooked for the day. These bothersome creatures contaminate food supplies making it impossible for consumption.

Over the years several deaths related to Hantavirus have been reported. Many have occurred in the Alberta area. This rare but deadly disease is the result of pest control issues; in particular the deer mouse. The airborne virus is in the saliva, feces and urine of infected mice. It is not transmitted through humans, pets or insects, but rather is inhaled as dust or mist. Whether you live in Red Deer, Calgary or Edmonton, rodent control is the best strategy for prevention.

People usually contract the disease by not taking precautionary steps when cleaning up areas where rodents have been. Flu like symptoms occur one to six weeks after exposure and immediate hospitalization is necessary. Fever and muscle aches are common symptoms soon followed by coughing and shortness of breath. At this stage, victims often need ventilation within 24 hours.

If you have areas that may have rodent control problems, take safety measures before cleaning those spaces. Wearing a HEPA filter respirator is a top priority where pest control is concerned. Never sweep or vacuum mouse droppings since the virus is an airborne disease. Always thoroughly dampen contaminated areas with a disinfectant. This will deactivate the virus. Don’t touch contaminated things with your bare hands. Always use rubber gloves. Dead rodents need to be sprayed with disinfectant and double bagged before disposing. Completely disinfect the tainted area. Before taking off the gloves disinfect them as well. Wash your hand with soap and warm water as a further precaution.

Rodent control is especially important in out buildings, cabins, and work areas that have been closed off for a period of time. Be sure to open the building and air it out well before going in to clean.

Even though you can use some safeguards for cleaning infested areas, with professional rodent control services, you do not need to worry about anything. The professional rodent control service providers identify the issues that support rodents’ survival and addresses them effectively. They meticulously inspect the home and use the most appropriate service for your particular pest control needs so that you are at peace from the fear and danger of rodents. Get in touch with a well-known rodent control service provider and ensure peace of mind from bothersome and harmful rodents. Experts, like those at Poulin’s, will manage the problem alleviating Hantavirus health concerns for you and your family. For rodent control, Poulin’s has the equipment, knowledge, and skills to handle it in a safe and efficient manner.

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