Wasp removal in Calgary

If you see more wasp activity than usual in your garden — or worse, inside your home — it’s important to take quick and decisive action to have these insects eradicated from your property. Poulin’s Pest Control experts have the solutions, tools, and expertise to handle wasp removals safely and effectively.

Poulin’s has provided wasp removal services to residential and commercial customers across the Prairies for decades. Contact our Calgary location to request a quote and prevent a minor nuisance from becoming a serious wasp problem.

Are wasps dangerous or just a nuisance?

Wasps can attack you or your pet without any provocation. Moreover, wasp stings can cause swelling and pain. If the sting victim has an anaphylactic response, they may immediately have trouble breathing.

A single wasp is threatening enough. However, if you have a wasp nest on your property, these critters will be highly motivated to defend their home at any cost. Don’t put your family or beloved pets at risk of injury from disrupting an entire wasp nest.

Wasp types

Depending on the type of wasp, you can expect to find the location of the wasp nest in different places. In addition, their behaviour — and your risk of being stung — will vary depending on the kind of wasp. Only female wasps possess a stinger.

  • Yellowjackets. There are several species of yellowjacket wasps. Many will build nests underground or in protected cavities such as a wall void in a house, but some will build aerial nests. Yellowjackets are drawn to bright colours and the smell of food. They can become particularly aggressive in the fall when food sources become scarce and the colony is hungry.
  • Paper wasps. These wasps often build smaller nests than yellowjackets above ground. They are less aggressive unless disturbed.
  • Bald-faced hornets. These ‘hornets’ are actually an aerial yellowjacket species. Their nests are typically found aboveground in places such as up high in trees or under roof eaves. These wasps will attack if they perceive a threat to themselves or their nest.
  • Solitary wasps. These include mud daubers, braconid, and ichneumonid wasps, some of which can look frightening, but will rarely bite or sting unless handled.

Keep in mind that not all wasp nests are easy to spot. They can be underground, where an unsuspecting child may have the misfortune of disturbing it while they play. You may also see wasp activity near a crack or small hole in the exterior of your home, indicating a wasp nest somewhere within your walls.

If you attempt Do-It-Yourself wasp removal and fail, or seal a hole without eliminating all the wasps behind it, you may drive the wasp colony into your residence.

Wasp nest removal methods

There are two common approaches to removing wasp nests. It’s best to have a professional come to do the job safely and thoroughly.

  • Pressurized wasp spray or foam. This treatment approach saturates the interior and exterior of the wasp nest. This method works best on visible hanging nests.
  • Insecticide dust. If you observe wasps coming and going from one area, but can’t identify the precise location of the nest, insecticide dust is your best option. As long as they have contact with the dust, the wasps will bring the pesticide into their nest, eradicating the entire colony.

If you’re sure you don’t have a wasp nest, but want to keep wasp traffic on your patio or picnic table to a minimum, hang disposable wasp traps away from where you will be sitting. These traps are a non-toxic method of keeping wasp intrusions to a minimum.

Wasp nest removal in Calgary

Don’t put yourself at risk by trying to handle your wasp problem alone. The experts at Poulin’s Pest Control can safely eradicate wasp nests and advise you on how to prevent their return. We’re available to serve residential and commercial clients from our seven convenient locations throughout the Prairies. If you’re in or near Calgary, you can contact our Calgary location directly, let us know where your wasp nest is located, and request an estimate.

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