Mice control and removal in Calgary

Although portrayed as cute and cuddly by the media, mice carry harmful diseases and can be extremely destructive if they get into your home or business. Fortunately, Poulin’s Pest Control in Calgary carries several rodent control products to keep mice from taking up residence on your property. If the problem persists, we can visit your property to determine the best way to handle your pest problem and prevent an infestation.

We serve commercial and residential clients in Calgary and throughout the Prairies. Contact us today and ask about our mice control products and removal services.

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Our rodent control products

Poulin’s Pest Control in Calgary offers rodent control products to help deter and keep mice out of your home, including:

  • Rodents Away Odor Free is a domestic mouse repellent made from natural ingredients. It’s safe for use around humans, pets and animals. Follow the instructions on the label to drive mice away or prevent them coming indoors.
  • Mhouse Refillable Bait Station is a domestic-labelled rodenticide. Each kit has one reusable bait station, 12 bait blocks and a special locking key. Place the station where you see mice or their traces.
  • Snap-E® Snap traps are escape-proof, easy to use and made to last. The vertical strike bar is faster than the bar in old-fashioned wooden traps because it travels just half the distance to catch mice.
  • Tin Cat Glue Boards can be used alone or with the Tin Cat Repeater multiple-catch mouse trap. Disposal is easy. The glue boards are also great at catching and monitoring bug populations!

If your mice infestation gets out of control, contact the professionals at Poulin’s Pest Control. We can find and eliminate the source of your pest problem.

FAQ section

1. What are signs I have mice in my home or business?

Mice are nocturnal creatures that hide in small spaces. Therefore, evidence of their activity may be subtle. Keep your senses sharp for the following signs of a pest infestation:

  • Droppings in drawers, cupboards, along baseboards, and behind large appliances
  • Gnaw marks on things close to the ground, food containers, things that smell like food, and soft items
  • Greasy track marks around baseboards and walls
  • Nests or nesting materials like shredded paper in secluded areas of your property
  • Scratching and scampering noises in the walls or ceiling
  • A lingering ammonia-like or musky smell

If your cat or dog suddenly starts behaving unusually or staring at furniture with intense focus, it could be a sign that you have a pest occupying your home.

2. What type of damage do mice cause?

Mice can cause structural damage by burrowing into insulation, chewing through electrical wires, and making nests in walls. They can also spread disease.

3. Are mice droppings dangerous?

Mice droppings are dark brown and approximately the size of a grain of rice. Mouse feces can transmit several harmful diseases, including hantavirus, Lyme disease, and Salmonella. Hantavirus is particularly dangerous because it can spread through the air. Follow these steps when cleaning up mouse feces:

  • Wear long-sleeves and pants, protective gloves, and a mask
  • Spray the contaminated surface with a bleach-based or household disinfectant and let it soak for at least five minutes or according to label directions
  • Ventilate the area to get rid of any lingering particles in the air
  • Pick up the disinfected droppings with a paper towel and dispose of them in a plastic bag before throwing away in a garbage bin outdoors

After the rodent droppings have been removed, disinfect other items or areas that might have been contaminated.

4. How do you tell the difference between mice and rats?

Although mice and rats are both rodents, they look distinctly different. For instance, rats are much larger than mice and have a blunt snout and a scaly, hairless tail. Mice have short, slender bodies, triangular snouts and hairy tails. If you aren’t sure what type of infestation you have, a Poulin’s Pest Control expert can come and identify the culprit.

5. How do I prevent mice from getting into my property?

There are several things you can do to keep mice out of your home or business, including:

  • Seal openings and cracks with a non-rusting metal mesh followed by caulking and weatherstripping
  • Install a chimney cap
  • Remove clutter and cut back vegetation that would offer shelter to mice on your yard
  • Cover your trash and keep it as far away as possible from your house
  • Inspect the exterior of the house every year for any repairs that may need to be done

If you want to go a step further, you can set traps and apply mouse repellent around the perimeter of your property to keep rodents at bay.

Mice and rodent control and removal services in Calgary

Poulin’s Pest Control provides comprehensive mice control and removal services for residential and commercial customers in Calgary. Our team will employ the latest technology to eliminate your rodent infestation, including snap-traps, windup multiple-catch mouse traps, glue boards, and rodenticides. Contact us today at our Calgary office for a free estimate on mice treatment and pest control solutions.

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