The meadow vole is active year-round. It likes to dig burrows underground, where it stores food for the winter and females give birth to their young. They can cause damage to fruit trees, garden plants and commercial grain crops.

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Watch For Voles This Fall

Now that fall is upon us everyone will be spending more time inside their warm homes. With the temperatures dropping, we are not the only creatures looking to find a warm spot to call home. Many people are familiar with pestilent rodents like mice and burrowing moles, but not as familiar with one of Canada’s…

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Mice vs. Voles

Mice and voles can appear similar at first glance. When you take a closer look at both species of rodent you will see that they actually have more differences than similarities. Both Mice and Voles: RodentsApproximately 5 – 8 inches longGrey / brown fur Mice: Slender bodiesPointed nosesWill eat almost anythingLarge earsTail as long as…

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Ask The Expert: How Do I Know I Have Voles?

Voles are small rodents (6 inches in length or so) that are often mistaken for their rodent cousins, mice and moles. Voles have an ability to do significant damage to your lawn and garden, because they’re very resilient creatures that eat just about any plant material they come into contact with. They reproduce rapidly, and…

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Repairing Lawn Damage Caused by Voles

Anyone who’s ever had a vole infestation knows that the voracious little critters are extremely damaging to just about any kind of plant material they come across. Here in Manitoba, the most common type of vole is the meadow vole, though you might sometimes encounter the prairie vole in the Western part of the province….

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