Wasp removal in Edmonton

If you’re concerned that the wasp traffic on your property is increasing, you should take quick action to locate any wasp nests that may be present, remove them, and discourage their return. Whether you’re dealing with yellowjackets, paper wasps, or bald-faced hornets, Poulin’s Pest Control has a variety of wasp control solutions to handle your wasp nest removal and the skills to do it quickly and safely.  

Poulin’s Pest Control provides wasp removal services to residential and commercial customers across the Prairies from seven convenient locations. If you’re in Edmonton and worried about wasps on your property, you can contact us at our Edmonton location to request a quote and schedule an appointment to have a professional deal with your wasp nest, safely.

How to deal with wasp visitors in your home

Whether you spot a single wasp in your home or many, here’s some advice on dealing with these unwanted visitors: 

  • Don’t attempt to kill a wasp by swatting at it. This action may provoke the wasp into more aggressive behaviour. There are traps and other methods available to use, instead.
  • Try to determine whether you have a wasp nest on your property. You may not see a wasp nest itself, but if you observe a lot of wasp traffic to and from a specific location such as a hole in the ground or a wall, this activity may indicate the presence of a hidden wasp nest underground or within the structure of your house.
  • Take action to keep people and pets away from the wasp nest area. Cordon off the space and mark it with signs until you can get the wasp nest safely removed. Keep pets penned or indoors to prevent them from a potentially brutal wasp attack. 
  • Contact a wasp removal expert such as Poulin’s, who can carry out the wasp removal process safely and efficiently.

Bee vs. wasp

You’ve heard how important it is to protect bees. Do you ever wonder whether you should be equally protective of the wasp population?

In addition to creating tasty honey, bees serve a valuable pollinating function in the environment. Protecting their habitat and breeding habits is crucial to many plant species’ survival. If you see bees in your garden, remember that they don’t want to sting you and will only do so if threatened. It’s best for the environment for you to give them space to go about their business.

A wasp, on the other hand, can be more nuisance than help and is potentially hazardous. Wasps are attracted to food aromas and some scents from personal care products. Brightly coloured clothing can also be inviting to a wasp. 

Make your home wasp nest resistant

The key to keeping your property free of wasp nests is to remove any wasp-friendly spaces and appetizing scents.

  • Reduce food access and smell by keeping trash bins and compost containers tightly sealed. 
  • When consuming food and drinks outdoors, contain wasp-appealing aromas by keeping food and drinks covered. 
  • Fruit trees are paradise to a wasp. Keep an eye on their yield and promptly remove any overripe or rotting fruit. 
  • Close off any potential wasp access points in the structure of your house. Seal cracks in your foundation. Install mesh screens on your windows and vents. If there is a hidden nest inside your house, wait for it to be treated and the wasps to be eliminated before sealing their entry holes. 
  • Use wasp traps to reduce wasp traffic around your patio or picnic table. 

Wasp nest removal in Edmonton

If you suspect you have a wasp problem, don’t lose time getting the wasp nest located and removed. The wasp removal experts at Poulin’s Pest Control can remove wasp nests quickly and safely. We’re available to serve residential and commercial clients from our seven convenient locations throughout the Prairies. If you’re in Edmonton, contact us at our Edmonton location directly for an estimate and arrange for wasp nest removal.

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