After having 16 pipes chewed through by rats in my house, they did a phenomenal job getting rid of the little buggers. It happened back in November 2013 and they just came by the other day to check up on my attic at no cost. They really care about the job they do and it shows!!

- Courtney, Port Coquitlam, BC

I have always experienced friendly and professional workers. We have used this company for years. They come twice a year to keep the mice outside, feeding them from camouflaged rock bait stations. Haven't had a problem since their initial visit.

- Jeanette, Calgary, AB

I am very satisfied and thankful for Poulin's service. Having bedbug is an extreme stressful experience. The heat treatment is very thorough. The technicians are thoughtful and serious with their task. I highly recommend their service.

- Rosanna, Winnipeg, MB

Had issues with various bugs getting into my basement. Called up Poulin's and they sent someone over to inspect it. They quickly found the issue, solved it and have been bug-free ever since. I would definitely be back (hopefully won't need to) if I have any other pest related issues.

- Home Owner, Winnipeg, MB

Company was very helpful when I called and quick to act - they sent a guy down within the hour and I was amazed at the knowledge these guys have and the tricks to catch the smallest thing. Very reasonably priced and well worth it!

- Picton, Winnipeg, MB

We had a terrible case of bed bugs in one of our rental properties a while back. Poulin Pest Control was very polite and courteous and answered to our call very quickly. They were very informative about the entire procedure and I've yet to see another bed bug in that rental property. Extremely professional and great quality pest control in Calgary.

- Julie, Calgary, AB

Hired Poulin's services to determine if there were animals who had burrowed in a garage. Employee came out and set traps. Then called for next two weeks to follow up as well as he came out 2 more times to check traps. He was very helpful and we were thankful there was no issue with any pests - now we have peace of mind!

- Sylvia, Edmonton, AB

We had a bad wasp problem, we called and spoke with John he had some one out quickly to deal with it. They were friendly and professional. They took care of the problem so we are now wasp free. I would recommend them for dealing with pest problems.

- Dave, Edmonton, AB

I am a retired advisor in the financial field, I have dealt with many people across Canada and the US and want to express my pleasure with the way Poulin’s Pest Control has treated my wife and me. We weren’t treated as perpetrators but as victims, and we really appreciate the kind approach towards us and our efforts to make everything as easy and convenient as possible. Bottom line is – given the choice, we would rather have Poulin’s than the bugs! We have lived in apartments for almost 70 years and have never had any problems with bugs before, this was a first for us and Poulin’s made it very easy to get through, and for that we are very thankful.

- Gord, Winnipeg, MB

I have used Poulin's pest control a couple times for ants and wasps. Their team has always been courteous and respectful of my garden. I appreciate how they explain exactly what they are going to do and always let me know if I am not pleased with their work they will return. I would definitely recommend and use their services again.

- Debbie, Winnipeg, MB

Really good service, Polite and got rid of the bugs. May have taken two tries but at least they're gone. (Reason being they were hiding in hard to see cracks in the wall, that they wouldn't have seen, if I only mentioned them the first attempt.) Would highly recommend! Thanks, Poulins!

- Bianca, Vancouver, BC

Good job. 3-month guarantee, I found another beetle 8 weeks later, they came back and did it again free of charge and there were no more beetles. Satisfied customer.

- Joanne, Edmonton, AB

Poulins took time and answered our questions, gave us the straight truth; explaining in every detail the steps we had to take to overcome the situation in the most effective way.

- Home Owner, Surrey, BC

Chris is an excellent employee. He did not get frustrated with any of the tenants who were not ready for their treatments. He was especially helpful and knowledgeable with answering questions and was a fountain of information. He was very patient with everyone

- Mary-Anne, Regina, SK

Cody recently came to my home to deal with a plague of carpenter ants. He was extremely thorough, inspecting both exterior and interior of the house. He explained the source of the problem and dealt with it in very knowledgeable fashion. Efficiency, helpfulness, and a winning personality.

- Joanna, Regina, SK

Poulin's has been looking after the pest control at our 1,200-sow hog barn since 1994 and have always served us well. To date, we have never received quite the service the new technician is providing for us. He is diligent, thorough and sincerely doing his job, and he is friendly to boot.

- Sylvia, Brandon, MB

Wow, just when I thought I was going to have to spend over 3g to replace everything in my home the lovey woman on the phone told me about the "Big-oven-thingy" lol. It was an affordable option and not to mention the convenience of it! Thank you so much!

- Home Owner, Saskatoon, SK

Very helpful staff they answered all my questions. They nice lady even stayed open late for me as I was running late. Would recommend to others!!

- Sarah, Vancouver, BC

Excellent experience! We went to the Calgary Alberta location. There was some confusion with my father in laws ID, so he was having some trouble buying the bulk rat poison. However, they were able to sort it quickly and efficiently! Keep it up guys. Will go back for sure if I ever need to get rid of some critters. 5 stars. Great experience.

- Jarett, Calgary, AB

Great service at a competitive price Staff are friendly to deal with and they "get the job done." A solution for every pest problem! Treated me great

- Larry, Winnipeg, MB

Hands down best place for all your rodent infestation needs. With a knowledgeable staff to help figure out what ever problems you may have. And conveniently located in the heart of the city.

- Mike, Winnipeg, MB

We received prompt service to remove a wasp nest under our porch. When we discovered that the wasps had entered our home and created a second part of their nest there, Dennis came back and removed it all for no additional charge. Thank you!

- Janet, Winnipeg, MB

Helpful staff when purchasing do it yourself pest supplies and the best exterminators you could hire.

- Stephen, Winnipeg, MB

Use to live at a condo in East Vancouver, where I was being bitten by some unseen creature for many nights. Several neighbours said the building had used Poulin's to rid them of some cockroach infestation years before I lived there. Called Poulin's up and the exterminator was able to identify the pest as bed bugs. He applied the necessary chemicals throughout my unit but the life cycle of the bed bug required two more treatments over a span of several weeks before I was rid of them. Three different exterminators showed up and each of them was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful in explaining how the treatment worked and how to identify the bed bugs breeding locations. Most thankful for their help in ridding of the pests.

- Robert, Burnaby, BC

Great prices, products and services. Staff always friendly. Helping someone right now get heat treatment of personal items on their site at Poulin's.

- Len, Winnipeg, MB

Friendly knowledgeable staff if you find an infestation bring a sample they can identify for you and recommend products.

- Jeanette, Winnipeg, MB

Informative and helpful. Good job Poulins...they helped me get rid of the wasps nest in my back yard.

- Mike, Winnipeg, MB

Great customer service and excellent product variety

- Blake, Winnipeg, MB

A friend needed help taking some beds and other items to Poulin's to get his items treated for bed bugs. They have an onsite facility to treat large items. That is helpful if you ever need to get it done.

- Richard, Winnipeg, MB

Extremely helpful and friendly

- Marni, Regina, SK

They have the best stuff there! All the products are worth every penny.

- Dea, Saskatoon, SK

Have a "Pocket Gopher" issue out here in Springbank and the little critter is making quite a mess of my backyard. Kim who took my call really knew her stuff, was great to deal with and were able to send a tech out the same day. James (the tech dude) was terrific, very helpful explaining the situation and went on with the job. So far so good, excellent service.

- Brent, Calgary, AB

Excellent service, followed up afterwards to ensure no further bugs left. Staff was very professional and prompt. Also very informative to ensure best service for your buck. Great company

- Tina, Edmonton, AB

I contacted a few pest control companies with a potential infestation and Poulin's was the quickest getting back to me. Very knowledgeable and helpful. He walked me through solving the issue on my own with some products in his store which saved me a lot of money.

- Brittany, Lethbridge, AB

We've always had great service from Poulin's Lethbridge. Jeff is easy and pleasant to work with and their technicians are very knowledgeable. Thanks for all you do guys

- Byron, Lethbridge, AB