Washroom Care

Let Poulin's Pest Control create a unique program for your business. We can help to eliminate unavoidable odours in the washroom and improve cleanliness to ensure an overall satisfacation for your patrons!

Poulin’s Pest Control’s AutoClean LED System

Eliminates odours at the source ensuring that toilets and urinals are stainless, odourless and always presentable. Automatically cleans fixture surfaces day and night. Installation is simple. We do not need to shut off the water, and the washroom will only be closed for minutes.

*Each AutoClean LED System is designed to improve the cleanliness and image of any washroom, creating a hygienic environment and ensuring overall satisfaction for your patrons.*

Poulin’s Pest Control’s AutoFresh Air Freshener

Eliminates unavoidable odours in the washroom.

Available in a variety of customer preferred fragrances, water- based formulas make the pump refills the perfect environmental solution!

*Don’t just camouflage odours, neutralize them for an optimal washroom experience!*

Poulin’s Pest Control’s Feminine Hygiene Bin

Provides a perfect way to handle and dispose of sanitary napkins and associated waste.

Hands free unit is easy to operate.

*Designed for easy cleaning and disinfecting, its sleek model will fit discreetly into the smallest washroom environments*