Rodent Control

Poulin’s Pest Control is here to help you with your rodent problem. Whether you have mice, rats, gophers or squirrels, we are here to help you identify and eradicate your problem! We focus on being proactive and look for the issues that support pest survival and will address these with you. After thoroughly inspecting your home, we will show you how to get the pests out, and make sure they stay out! A suitable rodent control program can be customized to suit your specific pest control needs.

Remember, the key to success in eliminating any pest problem is correct identification. If you are unsure of any pest in your home or workplace, please contact one of our offices to speak with a trained pest control professional.


Rodents can be tough to get rid of and can cost residents and business owner’s a tremendous amount of time and money in damages. The best option when there are any signs of rodent activity is to call for an inspection. A Poulin’s professional will be able to locate access points in which rodents may be entering, identify the type of rodents you are dealing with, and inform you on the best way to proceed with removing the problem. The 3 common rodents we see in Canada are House Mice, Norway Rats and Roof Rats.


Did you know that under perfect conditions, 24 mice can grow to over 2,000 mice in as little as 8 months or that a pair of mice can produce 18,000 fecal droppings or that over the past 100 years over 10 million human deaths have been due to rodent diseases that they can carry? It is a very serious problem which many homeowners see around springtime as the mice have overwintered in your crawl space or in the basement, kitchen, storage shed or other location that has given them food and shelter. Mice have been building up their population in your home and the urine and fecal matter, also known as droppings, can be seen in locations like your pantry or under your sink as they look for your food to eat. Approximately 20% of the world’s food supply is annually spoiled by rodents and 4% of stored rice and grains. They are a very serious problem and should be controlled as soon as possible.


The best way to avoid rodent activity is to stop them from coming in. Poulin’s will complete a full inspection of the area to let you know where potential access points are for rodent entry. A Poulin’s Pest Management professional can set up multiple bait stations around the property fence line and the exterior of the residence or commercial building. Poulin’s will also perform regular inspections and services to ensure your facility or home is pest free.


Poulin’s offers a variety of services and products for rodent control in both residential and commercial spaces.

  • Residential Rodent Control
    Rodent baits are an effective way to control rodent problems in your home. With specially designed, tamper-resistant bait stations, you can rest easy that children and pets will not consume or come in contact with any of the bait targeted for rodents. We also offer non-chemical control programs with the use of snap traps and multi catch traps when required.

  • Commercial Rodent Control
    Poulin’s works with you to create a regular service program customized to your business’s rodent control needs. We understand that many business’s follow strict non-chemical control options, especially industries dealing with and manufacturing food products. We offer many options that work with these regulations and to keep your facility rodent free.