Insect Control

Whether you have ants, bed bugs, flies or wasps, Poulin’s Pest Control is here to help you with your insect problem!

We look for the issues that support pest survival and address these with you. After thoroughly inspecting your home, we can show you how to get the pests out, and make sure they stay out! An insect control program can be customized just for you!


Three types of ants that can be causing an infestation to your home is the Allegheny Mound Ant, Carpenter Ant and Pharaoh Ant. The colony of the Allegheny Mound Ants become active in the spring. Foraging for food begins and they hibernate in the tunnelways of a mound below the soil surface. Workers attack and dismember other insects that the ants can overcome.

Most Carpenter Ants establish their first nests in decaying wood and later expand into solid wood. These ants enter buildings around door and window frames, eaves, plumbing and utility lines and tree branches that come in contact with the building. The small Pharaoh Ant feeds generally on animal or vegetable food, dead insects, small animals, open wounds, shed human skin on bedding, sucrose and IV solutions, sweets and fats.

The Pharaoh Ant typically nests indoors inside electrical conduits, in linen closets, in sterile surgical packets, under flowerpots, within walls of buildings and near water sources.


Wasps are very aggressive insects when the summer moves into August and September. Wasps lose their natural food source, flowers nectar as many plants stop flowering. Wasps then look for high carbohydrate and sugary snacks to feed on. Where do they find them? In your backyard on your deck when you are having a pop or steak or anything that meets their needs. Wasps can sting multiple times as they have no barb on their stinger which can make for a very painful situation.

At Poulin’s we are trained to remove wasp nests during the day when control is much more difficult, but successful. If you need assistance in removing a wasp nest visit any of our stores across western Canada or call us to speak with one of our experts toll-free at 1-888-768-5467.


Sometimes referred to as bristletails, silverfish are widely distributed in the United States and Canada. Silverfish can live for long periods of time. They also molt continuously throughout their life, which may be up to eight years! They can be found almost anywhere in the home and feed on paper, paper with string, wallpaper, book bindings, envelopes, labels, dried out beef products and will even feed on their dead kin. Proper identification is key for determining the best route of control and sanitation practices to remove silverfish from areas of your home. In general, temperature and humidity control or lighting in certain areas will reduce populations. Residual sprays, space sprays, fogs, and aerosols may help eliminate problem infestations.

Remember, the key to success in eliminating any pest problem is correctly identifying your pest. If you are unsure of any insect in your home or workplace, please contact one of our offices to speak with a trained pest control professional.