Fly Control

Did you know that there are thousands of different species of flies?

Whether it’s a House Fly, Phorid Fly, Drain Fly or Fruit fly, the key in eliminating the problem is correctly identifying the fly. Let Poulin’s Pest Control be there to assist you. After correctly identifying your pest, we can show you how to effectively control the problem. We will look for the issues that support their survival and address these with you. We can customize a fly control program unique to your home/business’ specific needs.

Remember, if you are unsure of any insect, please contact one of our offices to speak with a trained pest control professional.


Fly lights are a cost-efficient way to keep facilities free of flying insects. Flying insects that are attracted to light and the fly traps focus control around that. The specific design of the light traps allows a UV bulb to light attract the flying insects. When they land near the UV bulb, they are caught on the glue board. This is a great option for facilities in the food industry that do not wish to use chemical products. Poulin’s offers many makes and models of fly lights to meet your business’s needs.