Your Restaurant Is Never Open For Cockroach Reservations

Your Restaurant Is Never Open For Cockroach Reservations

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One of the most difficult issues to address with any type of restaurant operation is…cockroaches!In cities such as Calgary, Regina, and Edmonton cockroaches can thrive in restaurant environments and are difficult to control.


No matter what species of cockroach has entered, proper identification is key to remove this public health issue in your restaurant. You need to contact Poulin’s to have one of our highly-trained and “family-friendly” pest management professionals to first properly identify your cockroach issue and plan out a specific program for you and your restaurant.


With any food establishment, sanitation and cleanliness of the entire workplace is critical for eliminating cockroaches. Cockroaches thrive in warm, moist and dark environments and will eat just about anything within its vicinity to survive. A drop of something sweet at the bar, food residue that does not get lifted off the kitchen floor with regular mopping, or even stored foods are at risk.


All kitchen equipment are at risk of becoming the “home base” for cockroaches; any crack or crevasse can provide a home for a cockroach. Proper inspection and treatment of all these potential spots is critical in eliminating cockroaches from your restaurant.


With Poulin’s individual focused cockroach control methods and programs, your restaurant will have a plan of attack and execution to be cockroach free in no time. Our commitment to providing you with unsurpassed, highly professional service becomes very apparent the moment you contact us for assistance. We value you as a customer, your business as your investment and we understand the high level of excellence that you provide to your own customers.


We will give you treatment options, confidentiality and provide you with a service level unsurpassed. At Poulin’s we will create a program as eco-friendly and economic as possible and remain available to you in the future to continue your cockroach free business environment.



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