Ticks and How To Remove Them

Ticks and How To Remove Them

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When you are outdoors, it is very important to check yourself and your pets for adult and nymphal ticks. The American Dog tick is very prevalent this year and are being found all over western Canada and especially in Winnipeg and area. If you find ticks in your yard, Poulin’s can provide you with a service to reduce tick populations and recommend how to tick proof your yard including environmental friendly products and treatment sprays of suitable tick habitat in your yard.  Please note tick season is most noticeable this time of year but most people don’t know that ticks can be present all year. Call Poulin’s today for an estimate.

How to remove a tick

To properly remove a tick take a pair of tweezers at a 90 degree angle to your skin, get as close to the head of the tick, grasp firmly and pull straight out. If the tick has a white necklace or two white suspenders on its back it is an American dog tick and does not transmit any known human pathogens. If the tick you remove does not have these markings it may be a Deer tick and it can spread potential human diseases.

Tick submission

Please submit the suspected tick along with this form to Poulin’s Pest Control or to the University of Manitoba – Department of Entomology for identification.

     How To Guide Ticks


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