Tales From The Tech: The Surprise Kitten

Tales From The Tech: The Surprise Kitten

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We had a food processor customer call on a pest control issue. They were hearing noises outside one of the offices and wanted us to investigate what type of animal they were hearing.

We sent their PMP, Pat, to figure it out. This year that area has had an above normal amount of snow and upon investigation Pat figured out it was a cat trapped in hole in a snow and ice bank against the wall of the office. He was able to dig up the snow and make a trail for the cat to get out of the snow.

The cat was extremely happy to see Pat who fed it and got it warmed up. Initially he took it to the vet who determined it was a female about 3-4 months old and was probably in the hole for several days.

Pat took the cat to a cat rescue agency for adoption but ended up returning the next day to pick her up and bring it home with him.

So now Pat has a new cat named “Patty”.

See the pictures below of where we found Patty the kitten!

High snow drifts against building The kitten was found trapped in this area Pat with the rescued kitten! New kitten, Patty, enjoying her new home with Pat!
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