Methods to Control Bird Populations

Methods to Control Bird Populations

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The need and desire to eliminate the nuisance, disease and mess that birds create isn’t a fun topic of conversation, but sometimes it’s necessary. Property and business owners in Canada faced with such concerns have several options that a professional pest control company can implement.

Physical exclusion: This method includes bird netting, spike strips or wires to prevent the birds from landing or nesting in certain areas. A pest control company can supply a bird net of varying sizes for purchase and installation, which is relatively inexpensive. Spike strips and wires are also popular way to keep birds from roosting on ledges, but they must be installed properly or they will be useless.

Sound devices: This method is effective in rural settings, but for obvious reasons, the urban neighbors might not enjoy it. Some of the sound devices used to control birds include propane cannons, whistling or pyrotechnic pistols, and predator mimicking sound generators. These are most effective to protect crops and fruit trees from nuisance birds.

Visual scare devices: Some bird species can be effectively controlled with devices like streamers, flash tape, scare-eye balloons, hawk silhouettes and stuffed owls. These are inexpensive and easy methods but must be rotated frequently.

Flashing lights and mirrors: Starlings can be controlled with this method. New light units with solar power require little maintenance and are cost effective, but lights help only at dawn and dusk. Mirrors cast sunlight beams and help only during the day.

Trapping: Trapping is slow and expensive, but it can be effective in large urban areas to control pigeon populations. Often, traps will be baited and located in feeding and roosting areas. Since responsible person will need to maintain the trap and comply with all legal restrictions, this process is best undertaken with the help of a professional pest control company.

Poison: It is illegal to use poison and adhesives to kill, injure or capture wildlife.

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