Meet The Team: Maggie

Meet The Team: Maggie

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Maggie is our certified bed bug scent detection dog. She is a 6-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who works out of our Edmonton Branch. Maggie has been a part of the Poulin’s Pest Control team for about 4 years and was trained at J&K Canine Academy in Florida, USA. The use of scent dogs is an extremely effective way of locating bed bugs in a variety of locations. Bed bugs can hide inside mattresses and box springs, in baseboards, under carpets, even inside electronics; virtually any area, which makes detecting bed bugs a challenge. Maggie is always excited to come to work and she loves meeting new people, especially children! Maggie’s service area includes all of the greater Edmonton area.

A day in the life of Maggie, the “bed bug dog”, includes reward training using her favorite kibble once in the morning and again at night with live bed bugs to keep her scent detection highly active. She is trained to alert to the scent of either live bed bugs or viable eggs by stopping and scratching with her paws. After Maggie completes her inspection of a home, the technician checks the areas that were marked to see if there is bed bug activity. A dog’s nose is a very powerful tool and can detect the presence of bed bugs in every stage of their life cycle from eggs to nymphs to adult.

When Maggie is not working and hunting for bed bugs she enjoys going for long walks, sunbathing on the lawn, and catching up on her beauty rest.

To book a service with Maggie call our Edmonton branch toll-free at 1-877-477-1671.

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