Controlling Pigeons When the City Won't

Controlling Pigeons When the City Won't

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Feral pigeons are the number one nuisance bird in urban areas, yet many municipalities are washing their hands of the dirty birds.


In 2013, the City of Trail, British Columbia (in the Kootenay Region of the Province’s interior) made national headlines when they scrapped a plan to relocate thousands of pigeons that plague the area to a pigeon sanctuary, only to find out that no such place exists. In the end, the city simply enacted legislation making it illegal to feed the birds and waited for them to go away.


While this sort of solution might seem appropriate to a cash strapped city council, it leaves local residents stuck with a bird problem. If you’ve got pigeons, you know how messy they can be. Their droppings cover everything underneath their resting place, and the uric acid it contains will ruin just about anything in its path. The feces can also transmit fungal, viral, and bacterial disease. They will nest in rooftop vents and air-conditioning units, causing further property damage. The long and short of the matter is that pigeons are poor roommates.


Pigeons are a year-round issue around and on homes. Roof lines provide birds with a vantage point overlooking the area surrounding your home, and most likely a regular source of food such as the neighbor’s garden. There are many other areas of the pigeons to roost such as external pipework, windowsills or worse – the chimney.


A statistic that may be the push for addressing this problem: Birds can harbor over 40 types of parasites and host internally 60 types of infectious diseases. These can be transmitted through the bird droppings found around your home.


So, when the city leaves you with a pest problem, you need professional help. Poulin’s Pest Control can help you rid your property of nuisances like pigeons and take steps to prevent their return. We take pigeon problems seriously. We have a range of nonlethal and lethal bird control methods to rid your property of these messy and potential disease carrying birds. Contact Poulin’s today.

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