Carpenter Ants: Decaying Wood Outside Will Invite These Ants into Your Home

Carpenter Ants: Decaying Wood Outside Will Invite These Ants into Your Home

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Carpenter ants…is there any other type of insect that causes as much destruction as these guys? Not really, as carpenter ants are at the top of the list for the “home destruction over time” category!

The state of your home and the safety of it from carpenter ant damage really does begin with the area around the outside of your home. Decaying wood is one of the main “attractors” for carpenter ants, so make sure that all around the outside of your home is free of decaying wood.

You should resist the urge to attempt any type of pest control on your own. More often than not, self-administered attempts to rid your home of ants can actually do more harm than good by causing ants to be spread even further throughout your home. Proper identification is key in managing ants in the home.

In areas like Red Deer, Richmond and Surrey, carpenter ants can be abundant, but it should be left up to Poulin’s to identify which type of ant you are dealing with, determine what control program and products to use to zero in on ant nests and provide expert pest control services.

We understand the behaviour of carpenter ants, where their ideal nesting spots are, what they are attracted to and their entry points. There are many factors to be taken into consideration before your home can be eliminated from any and all ants. Ant control does not usually result in success when it is executed by anyone other than trained licensed pest management professionals from Poulin’s.

If you still wish to self-treat your home, then the professionals at Poulin’s would be available to you for the proper products and guidance, our customers are always treated like an extension of our family and we are here to help in whatever capacity.



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