Can You Do Anything to Prevent Bed Bugs

Can You Do Anything to Prevent Bed Bugs

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It’s no secret that bed bug sightings are on the rise. The little critters are showing up in swanky hotels as well as churches, cruise ships, dry cleaners, rental places and dorm rooms. It’s an old problem that is now making a tremendous come back. The good news is that being informed and being on the lookout for the problem is your best defense for protection.


First, learn what to look for and where to look. Bed bugs are very small creatures, less than 5mm long and in nymph stage less than 1.5mm long. They are very thin, oval shaped bugs, brown as adults and translucent in the younger stages. After feeding they swell to a cigar shape and turn almost maroon in color.


Bed bugs are creatures of the dark so they hide in cracks and crevices, along seam lines of mattresses and cushions and along the joints of attached headboards. You may also find them under or in drawers or in the spaces where the rug meets the wall.


When you or your family members stay over at a hotel inspect your room before settling in. If you see any signs of bed bugs inform the management immediately. Don’t assume that a new room will mean no bed bugs – always inspect your rooms including the luggage racks.


Wash your clothes on the hottest setting possible before leaving the hotel and put your items in plastic bags and seal them. This will help keep hitchhikers from traveling home with you. Be sure to inspect your luggage as well.


Oftentimes people will throw out mattresses or furniture that has been infected with bed bugs. The unsuspecting bargain hunter may just pick up said furniture thinking they are bringing home a good deal. What they don’t realize is that they’re bringing home a good deal more than just cast-off furniture. Never pick up used furniture unless you know for sure it does not have bed bugs.


If you do end up with an infestation, our pest control specialists can help you eradicate the problem. Talk to the pest management professionals at Poulin’s Pest Control and get peace of mind.

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