The Big Threat of Mice in your Home

The Big Threat of Mice in your Home

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Mice. They’re the last thing you want in your home.

They pose a serious health hazard and create an unsanitary environment, never mind the scares they may give to you, your spouse and your children.

The big threat of mice is that once you find one, you’re unfortunately soon to find others or hear them scurrying around in crawl spaces. Within a short period of time, a mouse infestation can occur without your even being aware of how many are in your home.

What you may not know about mice is that along with the unsightliness of the rodents, they can also do damage to your house in short order. Mice are experts at gnawing at various materials including wire, plastic and wood. A possible sign of a mouse infestation are clean-cut holes that are 1/2-inch in diameter.

Another sign that you may be more familiar with (or at least hopefully you’re not) is mouse droppings. Similar to cockroach or rat droppings, mice leave behind black, granular feces that measure between 3 and 6 millimetres. Often, they are found in areas of high activity as well as nests and themselves are dangerous as they may carry harmful bacteria.

Certainly, no one will say that mice aren’t year-round pests that need to be dealt with immediately; but Autumn and the early days of winter are the troublesome periods. As with most animals, mice look for warm spots as the temperature drops. Thus, your home becomes a prime destination as a long-stay hotel (which ironically can level heavy expenses for you). Other spots that mice may choose for dwelling over the winter include your garage, shed or under a deck – wherever there is a small hole that is easily accessible from the ground, there’s a potential for mice to get into.

If you are at all concerned about the state of your home, call Poulin’s. We can provide you tools and traps to eliminate and prevent rodents once and for all.

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