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Poulin’s Pest Control is western Canada’s oldest and largest pest control company. With offices in Lethbridge, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon, and Winnipeg, we offer pest control service to almost every small town in the western provinces. Our Pest Management Professionals offer quality pest control services with innovative, effective and environmentally conscious treatment protocols for both residential pest problems as well as commercial pest problems.



A St. Jean, Manitoba hotel keeper once refused to let his son have a dog. Like most boys, he found a way around the problem by keeping a small puppy hidden away in a grain shed. One morning when he went out for his usual visit, he found his tiny pet had been killed by rats. Unfortunately for the rats, they had outraged a boy named Napoleon Louis Poulin who would later found Poulin’s Pest Control.

Poulin’s Pest Control was incorporated in 1946 in Winnipeg. Napoleon Poulin studied the habits of rats, bed bugs and cockroaches. Once he knew their habits, he started his own testing of pesticides to control the pests. His methods of control would later help write a piece of Canadian history. His efforts and talents became known across Canada and in 1951 Poulin’s was hired to eliminate all the rats in Alberta. The program took 18 months to complete and in the fall of 1953, Alberta was known as a “rat free” province.

No Foolin with Poulin

Poulin’s success of eliminating rats, bed bugs and cockroaches became known throughout the Prairie Provinces. With that reputation, Poulin’s opened up offices in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. By 1955, Napoleon Louis Poulin was known as the man who killed 10 million rats.

As industry leaders, Poulin’s has always believed that pesticides were only a tool in the pest control industry. Adapting to Integrated Pest Management solutions and focusing on non-chemical control options and solutions to people’s pest problems, Poulin’s has become Western Canada’s largest privately owned pest control company.

When the founder of Poulin’s passed away, Napoleon’s only son, Don, lead the company to expand into Vancouver, BC. He shared the same vision as his father and believed that people should not have to live with pests. Don ensured that Poulin’s provided the highest quality of pest control services available.

In 1999, Don’s oldest son Lincoln came to work for Poulin’s. Under Don’s guidance, Lincoln would take a great interest in the pest control industry. Poulin’s, once again, has a father and son team leading the industry and the company to new levels. In 2006, Poulin’s opened their 7th office in Lethbridge Alberta. In 2007, Poulin’s opened a 5000 sq foot warehouse in Winnipeg to supply their 7 offices as well as have more room to manufacture their own rodenticides and insecticides.

In our business we don't live and let live


Poulin’s Pest Control is a member of the Canadian Pest Management Association, National Pest Management Association, British Columbia Pest Management Association and the Alberta Pest Management Association, they have access to the latest and most advanced technology in the pest control industry. This is to ensure you that Poulin’s will eliminate your pest problem as quickly as possible. Poulin’s strives to provide the highest quality of service to all their customers and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

Remember… there’s “No foolin’ with Poulin!”