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Grey Squirrel

Category: Squirrels


The head & body of the Grey Squirrel ranges between 8-10 inches, with the tail measuring approximately 7 ¾-10 inches. They weigh between 0.75-1.6 pounds. Grey squirrels will usually birth 2 litters of 2-3 young per year, one in early spring and then again late in the summer.


  • Active year round, but mostly active in the morning and evening on dry days.
  • Feed primarily on nuts, especially hickory nuts, acorns, beechnuts, and walnuts.
  • At times they feed heavily on maple or tulip tree seeds, fruit, opening buds, and can cause considerable damage to a corn patch.
  • Nest in tree cavities or build leaf nests in branches (mostly in summer) usually at least 25 feet off the ground.
  • They most often enter structures such as attics and garages for shelter, to store food, and/or to nest, which can result in damage to the structure and/or its contents. Have been found tunnelling and nesting in/under blown-in fibreglass insulation between attic floor joists.
  • Outdoors, they can cause considerable damage to electrical and telephone cables.


  1. Exclusion
    • The access holes used by the squirrels SHOULD NOT be sealed until ALL activity has ceased. Holes can be sealed with metal flashing, steel wool, “Stuff-It”, or ¼ inch galvanized steel mesh. Be proactive and seal holes before they enter.
  2. Trapping
    • Trapping using rat-sized wooden-based snap traps; secure with a nail etc. so they cannot be drug off. Use live traps in the area of activity (in attic, garage, on roof, trees, etc.)
    • Place the traps along runways between the entrance hole and nesting site.
    • Check the traps daily to re-bait, reposition, and to remove trapped or dead squirrels.
    • Peanut butter is the best bait to use when baiting any type of trap.
    • Be sure to check local laws before trapping.

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