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Types of Cockroaches

Correct German Cockroach Top View
German Cockroach

Infestation Identification

The German Cockroach is a common household insect within the United States and Canada. German Cockroaches are light brown to tan and have fully developed wings. They usually infest in kitchens and bathrooms but will live anywhere there is food and water. They enter your home by being transported by infested bags and cardboard boxes. German Cockroaches may also be harbouring in used appliances such as refrigerators, toasters and microwaves.

Processes used to eliminate cockroaches

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Cockroach Health Hazards

Roaches are known to be a public health issue as they are capable of contaminating food, food preparation sites, and various diseases and illnesses. Roaches are implicated with asthmatic issues in children and adults. Roaches have also been implicated with staphyloccus, streptococcus, coliform bacteria, E. coli, salmonella and shigella. It is very important to have a pest management professional to identify and treat cockroach infestations as soon as cockroaches are found in the home. Treatment is done via a very thorough crack and crevasse treatment and it may take several treatments to remove this very dangerous pest from your home.

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