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Bedbug Prevention

Bed Bugs can occur anywhere, they can infest residences and commercial buildings alike and with the number of reported bed bug cases on the rise, it’s important to take preventative measures to reduce your risk of getting, or transferring bed bugs. These are just a few products Poulin’s offers to prevent an infestation:

Bed Bug ProtectionProtect∙A∙Bed Mattress and Box Spring Encasements

Box spring and mattress encasements are by far one of the most effective methods of preventing bed bugs, as they frequently inhabit the crevasses found on box springs and mattress. By sealing off box springs and mattresses, it drastically reduces the space that bed bugs use as their primary nesting grounds. Poulin’s offers box spring and mattress encasements in all sizes.

clearview-bedbug-monitorClear View Bed Bug Monitor

Roughly the size of a business card, Clear View Bed Bug Monitor is great if you want an effective and discreet form of bed bug detection. Simply slip Clear View in between a mattress and box spring, and check once a week for the most accurate results.

climbup-bedbug-interceptorClimb Up Insect Interceptor

ClimbUp® is a reliable way to detect very light bed bug activity or to monitor dwellings that are more prone to bed bug infestations. Simply pull the piece of furniture you want to monitor from against the wall and slip the leg of the piece into the centre of the device. Check once a week for best results.


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