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Wasps are Bad Neighbours

British Columbia is a natural paradise, home to dense and diverse wildlife species, not all of which are welcome to move into your backyard without paying rent, or at very least politely asking for the privilege.

Often, it is a member of the wasp family that’s making itself an unwelcome neighbour.  BC has several common varieties of wasps – Yellow Jackets, which are particularly prolific in the late summer months, Mud wasps, Hornets, and Paper wasps are all prevalent on the lower mainland.

Wasps are generally disliked because of their capacity to sting.  At best, a wasp sting is a painful experience, and at worst it can provoke a life-threatening reaction in someone allergic to their venom.   Nests can exist in trees and manmade structures (they like to build in protected areas like under the eaves, or the rafters of your porch) as well as on or in the ground.

While wasps are useful in that they serve to control other pests like flies, they also threaten essential honeybee populations, which are currently at risk due to other environmental factors.  In general, wasps are viewed as a detriment to the quality of life in your backyard, and people commonly want to get rid of them.

While consumers can purchase aerosol sprays that kill wasps on contact at just about any hardware store, care needs to be taken when using them.  If you misjudge the number of wasps, or the effectiveness of the spray, you can find yourself the target of the anger of hundreds of irate wasps. Poulin’s Pest Control offers professional solutions to Vancouver’s insect infestation problems, including wasps.  Our experienced technicians can take care of a wasp’s nest without provoking a frenzy of angry wasps, and give you back your backyard.  We can also help you change your yard so that wasps won’t be so inclined to move in on you.

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