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Wasps Are Back With A Vengeance

waspsIt’s early this year and wasps are back with a vengeance. Bothering you on your deck, in your backyard, trying to drink your drink or eat your lunch or dinner.  What can you do? Call Poulin’s and our helpful staff will remove these dangerous pests by treating or removing the nest. We can also provide you products to safely treat and remove these painful biting insects.

There are two species of paper wasps that are being annoying, which are early this year in Winnipeg and Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton. The yellow jack (yellow and black) wasp and the “bald faced hornet” which is a black and white paper wasp.  Both species will sting repeatedly when provoked, startled or if they happen to get into your drink or into your food.

Finding the nest is key in removing these pests from your backyard. Poulin’s has the expertise to find and destroy these pests or provide you with solutions to help alleviate these wasps from your patio. Call 1-888-768-5467 or come in to see our professionals to help you with these pests. You may also contact us through our online form.

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