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Solutions to Red Deer’s Wasp Problems

For decades, Poulin’s Pest Control has been helping to eliminate pests of all kinds in Red Deer, Alberta.

When the weather starts to cool at the end of the summer, we find that the majority of calls we take are wasp related.  At this time of year, we find that wasps become public enemy number one.  Their population peaks in late summer, just before food starts to become scarce.  The result is a hungry, aggressive population vying for a decreasing food supply.  They have to range further to feed themselves, and as a result may call themselves to your attention.

Unlike many other stinging insects, wasps are capable of stinging repeatedly, so irritating one can be a painful experience.  Irritating a whole colony is a significant danger.  Some people are allergic to the venom that wasps inject when they sting, placing their lives in danger.

Wasps don’t respect your property. They will inhabit any suitable area, nesting in trees, against buildings, in any tight space they can find, and they even make subterranean
Many people undertake wasp nest removal themselves.  Hardware stores sell a very effective aerosol that contains pyrethrins, a plant-based compound that is instantly effective against wasps.  If the nest is exposed, like a hanging paper wasp nest in a tree, application in the early morning or evening when the wasps are all in the nest and at their least active can be effective.  Good thick clothing needs to be worn, with all exposed skin covered (including the face).  A large quantity of boiling water poured into an underground nest can be effective, but the danger of angry insects using an alternate exit to come and get you does exist.  Even when you are most careful, you are putting yourself in harm’s way when you tangle with wasps.  This is why many people prefer to trust Poulin’s Pest Control to take care of their wasp problems.

Our technicians are highly trained, and dedicated to solving customer problems.  Not only will they rid your property of wasp nests, but they’ll help you make changes to ensure that it’s harder for them to come back next year.

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