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Hidden Hideouts for Wasp Nests in B.C.

Wasp Control in Vancouver

Wasps have a way of ruining summer time fun. Around early spring to early summer the queen leaves her nest to start gathering material and scouting for locations to make a new nest. Unfortunately wasps love to set up shop in inconvenient places like your home or property. Once the queen finds a suitable location she will begin the initial building, go back to the current nest and then send out the worker wasps to finish the job.

Wasps are actually needed because they keep the insect population down in the late spring and early summer. They are predators so they feed on a variety of insects including flies, crickets, caterpillars and a host of other pests. But come late summer and early autumn they develop a sweet tooth and start hanging around humans while looking for sweets.

Wasp Control in Langley

Wasps make their nests out of chewed up wood pulp and saliva. They love to build nests on any horizontal surface. That means wasp nests will often show up on eaves, beams, overhangs and other spots around your home, shed or attic. They also love to build their nests on branches and limbs.

Wasps will also build nests in the ground. They will typically find an old rabbit hole or mice den and use that as the opening. That means it is important to fill in any holes you see around your property.

Wasp Nest Control in Surrey

It is important to destroy the wasp nest as soon as possible before it grows. The best time to do this is June while the nest is still small. If you have a wasp problem and live in Burnaby, Richmond or any other city in Western Canada call the wasp professionals at Poulin’s Pest Control. We have eight office locations and use the best treatments to get rid of your wasp problem. Contact us today!

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