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We share our cities and parks with many different types of animals and wildlife.  These animals are resourceful, they are scavengers, predators, prey, and survivors.  Sometimes these critters will venture a little too close to home in order to find … Continue reading

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As the snow melts away in western Canada and the signs of spring are appearing, so are thirteen-lined ground squirrels and pocket gophers. The 13 stripped Richardson ground squirrel can easily be identified by its thirteen stripes on its back … Continue reading

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  “Creative Commons Richardson’s Ground Squirrel” by shell game is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Scientific Name: Urocitellus richardsonii Common Names: Gopher, Dakrats, Flickertail Color: Brownish – Grey Weight: .44 – .88 pounds, on average Length: 12 inches Fact: A … Continue reading

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