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We share our cities and parks with many different types of animals and wildlife.  These animals are resourceful, they are scavengers, predators, prey, and survivors.  Sometimes these critters will venture a little too close to home in order to find … Continue reading

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In this video Lincoln Poulin shows you problem areas around the home and garage that can harbor spiders. See what spots you need to hit when getting rid of spiders around your home and where to vacuum and spray for … Continue reading

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As summer moves into August a very busy pest has been growing its nest size slowly over the months of June and July. As the flowers and other natural food sources start to disappear, the move from the natural sugars … Continue reading

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Now that the snow has melted away, you may be noticing piles of pigeon droppings in locations around your home or business. In the winter, pigeons may have built nests under your eaves or were roosting on ledges or roof … Continue reading

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Sometimes you want to do it yourself and that’s great, but it’s important to remember that trapping live wild animals without the proper training and experience may lead to failure. You may not catch the animal you are trying to. … Continue reading

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