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Bed bugs can survive almost anywhere. People who travel or work in an area that is known to have bed bugs should know that it is possible for them to bring the bed bugs home. The following points are recommendations … Continue reading

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When faced with bedbugs, moving into a new apartment or house will leave the bedbugs behind and give you a clean start. FICTION Moving will NOT automatically eliminate your bed bug problem! There are necessary precautions you MUST take to … Continue reading

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QUESTION: How do I know if I have bed bugs? ANSWER: Are tiny bugs crawling on your bed and keeping you up at night? Do these bugs that have six legs, a small apple shape and bodies smaller than 6mm? … Continue reading

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Scientific Name: Cimex lectularius Common Name: Bed bug Color: range from yellowish –white – 1st instar to a brown to reddish-brown, adult stage Size: 4 – 5 mm long (3/16 inch) FACT: Bed bugs do not transmit any known human diseases. … Continue reading

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At Poulin’s Pest Control, we pride ourselves in being a leader in Pest Control and after attending the Global Bed Bug Summit in Denver, CO earlier this year, we would like address new, important information about bed bug biology that … Continue reading

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